**Currently on Maternity Leave**

@tori_theheadroom_ North Location

Meet Tori

Sweet as ever, we adore Tori, and you will too! Tori fits right in at The Headroom, she is a true Redkenite, taking part in a variety of advanced education through our favourite company. 


Though cosmetology was not offered as a class at the school she attended in Ridgevalley, she always knew hairstyling was what she wanted to do, so in 2015 Tori registered for hair school and states this as “the best decision” she ever made – and we certainly agree! She continues on that “being a stylist is the greatest feeling in the world; especially when you make someone’s day because they love their hair so much!” 


Tori works full time at our North Location and joined our team when we opened there in December 2018. She has opened her schedule evenings and weekends for her guests’ convenience. 


Who do you look up to in the industry?

“I really like Celene Dupuis! Her skills as a stylist are amazing!”


What 3 things would you take on a deserted island?


“Dry Shampoo, a Comfy Sweater, and my cellphone so I could call someone to get me off the island!”


What is your spirit animal?

“My French Bull Dog, Zeus”