Frequently Asked Questions

What is balayage, and how the heck do you say?

Balayage is one of the hottest trends in hair colour right now. Balayage is a french colouring technique which means “sweeping”, and not the floors, it is a technique where stylists literally sweep or paint colour directly on to the hair. If you search “Balayage” you will certainly find a mass of looks but ultimately it is a technique which can be used to create an array of different colour, such as multi-deminsional browns or reds, not just for blondes.

Pronounced: Bah-lee-ahzge

Is a trim the same price as a cut?

Yes, essentially a trim and a haircut are the same thing. We need to reshape and access all of the hair, it is just the length of hair that is being cut off that is different. A haircut that is a transformation or new style may cost more as more time and precision may be required which is why we allow a price range.


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