Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between waxing and sugaring?

As many of you know, waxing requires the use of a strip to remove the wax. The wax is applied to the area, the strip is applied and then pulled off. There is also a hard wax option, which does not require a strip. The wax is applied, allowed to harden, and then removed. It is made of resins that adhere to the skin and removes the epidermis (first layer of skin, usually all dead tissue).

Sugaring is different. It uses a paste made of sugar, water and lemon. The paste is extremely thick and sticky and is applied with firm pressure by hand to the skin, and then removed. It can leave a more natural finish and leaves some of the laguna (fine hair on the epidermis). Perfect for arms, pregnant bellies, and woman facial hair.

Ultimately both have pros and cons, features and benefits and you can trust when you book either with our team and they believe one or the other is better suited for you, we will inform you at your service.

What is balayage, and how the heck do you say?

Balayage is one of the hottest trends in hair colour right now. Balayage is a french colouring technique which means “sweeping”, and not the floors, it is a technique where stylists literally sweep or paint colour directly on to the hair. If you search “Balayage” you will certainly find a mass of looks but ultimately it is a technique which can be used to create an array of different colour, such as multi-deminsional browns or reds, not just for blondes.

Pronounced: Bah-lee-ahzge

Is a trim the same price as a cut?

Yes, essentially a trim and a haircut are the same thing. We need to reshape and access all of the hair, it is just the length of hair that is being cut off that is different. A haircut that is a transformation or new style may cost more as more time and precision may be required which is why we allow a price range.