Mens Design

Hair Cut

Clipper or Scissor Customized Design


Purchase a series for ultimate style

3- Save 5%
6- Save 10%
9- Save 15%

Beard Trim


Camo Colour

Specifically designed for men by Redken, Camouflage away grey in 5-10 minutes.




Complimentary when maintaining any of our designs.

$7+ For new designs.


Single process highlights add dimension and shine in only an hour.


Camo Colour

Camouflage away grey in only 5-10 minutes.




Executive Manicure

Improve the appearance and feel hands and nails in 30 minutes.


Executive Pedicure

Improve the appearance of your feet and toes.


Hair Removal – Wax or Sugaring

Brows $10-$23

Chest $27-$87

Back $27-$87

Arms/Shoulders $23-$42