Front End

Inventory Manager Advanced Stylist

Meet Bailey

You first met Bailey on our front desk support team, she was working part time while pursuing her business certificate at GPRC. Well it didn’t take long for Bailey to fall in love with us, and us with her. Her part time position quickly grew to full time and her authority and business skills made her a perfect fit to come into a management position overseeing all professional inventory in our company. While passionate to continue to grow her career within The Headroom, Bailey attended Marvel College in 2014 and fast tracked herself to become a licensed stylist and also a Living Proof Ambassador, living fully to the motto that with their science, you can be the “Living Proof”. Bailey is now a full time stylist, using spare time to master her technical skills and educate herself and guests on the product lines we carry. She enjoys most finding solutions to problematic hair and creating long term treatment and design plans to help her guests enjoy hair they have always wanted.

More about Bailey…

What celebrity do people mistake you for?

This is yet to happen BUT I was named after a celebrity!

If you won the lottery, how would spend the money?

First off I would pay off my vacuum then no one would see me for a solid month

When you have 30 min of spare time, what do you do?


What is your least favorite form of transportation?