Lead Salon Coordinator

Meet Jenna

Jenna has been a rock on our sales desk team for the past couple of years. She is determined and motivated to always lend a helping hand to any team member, or upgrade any clients experience to the next level. Whether she’s the first face you see in the salon, helping your stylist out at the chair or even behind the scenes of The Headroom’s social media posts, she’s all over the client experience. Anyone who knows Jenna, knows her love language is quality time. This translates directly to her communication style in the salon with our team & clients!


What inspires you?

Learning new skills that give me creative fulfillment and the motivation to keep learning.

Fun facts about Jenna…

Jenna has travelled to 8 countries and 6 of which she experienced this past spring in Europe! Her favorite country she has visited to date has been France!

Jenna is officially certified as bilingual. She speaks fluently in both english and french!