Associate Stylist (Apprentice)

@juliamartin_Stylist South Location

Meet Julia

Julia joined our team after being a long term client in our company. She knew our culture and was an instant fit, we welcomed her in the middle of the pandemic when we needed support with the high demands of shut downs and relaunches, she stepped right in and understood the experience we strive to achieve ongoing for our guests, she was a natural. 

Working side by side with our stylists and taking extra curricular courses in cosmetology, Julia is dedicated to pursuing her career as a stylist and we are here for it. She has an incredible natural talent paired with the hustle of a motivated youth. Now a recent graduate, she is entering full time into our associate program under the direction of Elyse Calvert and our mentoring stylists. 

Julia is currently available for New Talent services on Saturdays, and stay tuned for more availability soon!