Stylist | Bridal Specialist

@juliamartin_stylist South Location

Meet Julia

Julia joined our team after being a long term client in our company. She knew our culture and was an instant fit, we welcomed her in the middle of the pandemic when we needed support with the high demands of shut downs and relaunches, she stepped right in and understood the experience we strive to achieve ongoing for our guests, she is a natural.

With this background it was no surprise Julia excelled in our associate working along side top stylists Jordan and Elyse. Julia is now working full time behind the chair as at our south location building her clientele as a new talent stylist with a fresh perspective. What she lacks in years of experience she holds in dialogue and presents well beyond her young age. Being one of the oldest in a large family Julia has a gift of connecting with clients of all ages, she would love to have you and your family in her chair.

Her not so hidden talents lie in bridal and finishing but they certainly don’t stop there. Julia has been serving her clients of all ages with jaw dropping colours of all shades.