Senior Stylist

@kdevrieshair North Location

Meet Kristen

Locally grown, with a large and most supportive family, Kristen’s talent has been evident to those around her since she was very young, always assisting in the fashion and style of her loved ones, but it was after being touched by a documentary on Vidal Sassoon that pushed Kristen in to her now amazing career. After graduating from Evelyn Charles Academy in 2010 Kristen began her career with The Headroom company. She has committed herself whole heartedly and has since attended countless advance education and skill building seminars, traveling as far as Montreal for the Redken Fusion Events and Toronto Exchange. Kristen is a well established stylist though she especially shines through hair design(cutting), which won her first place in a Mens Total Look competition, the prize; a custom pair of Kasho Shears and a full expense paid trip to the Redken Exchange in Toronto.

More about Kristen…

What 3 things would you take with you on a deserted island?

* I’m type “A” how the heck am I supposed to just pick 3 things? But if I had to….my toothbrush, Sunscreen and my dogs, they count as one!

What celebrity do people mistake you for?

Well my mom is pretty bad ass in a flight suit and I get told I look like her? Does that count?

If you won the lottery, how would spend the money?

Pay off debts look, after the family and then pack up my boys and travel the world! First stop, Greece!

What is your least favorite form of transportation?

Taxi. They gross me out. All those butts on the seats!