Jordan B

Jordan B

Licensed Stylist

@shearmadness_theheadroom North Location

Meet Jordan

Jordan is a firecracker who never fails to inspire those around here. Being a stylist was a dream of hers ever since being a young girl. She graduated as a fully certified stylist in 2015 and became a red seal in 2018. Jordan relocated to Grande Praire in 2020 where she got married and joined our Headroom team! Jordan is a creative individual who enjoys learning, creating and working with her hands. Jordan strives to give every client who sits in her chair an experience that is custom tailored to them, while creating meaningful relationships that fill your hair appointment with laughs.


Why did you chose a career at The Headroom?

I chose The Headroom because it’s a group of encouraging women and a place that I envisioned myself forming meaningful relationships. It seemed like a place that had great structure and staff that seems to be everyones hype girl!

What is the most played song on your playlist?

10 times out of 10 a 2000s pop punk throwback.